Treatment of the Season: Collagen Facial

Our favourite treatment this Autumn is the Proto-col Collagen Facial: a bespoke treatment designed to restore the depleted collagen and make you love your skin again! This facial will effectively "slow down" the ageing process by replenishing your body's natural proteins through external applications.

What does the facial involve?

Your journey will start with collagen supplementation along with a consultation with your therapist. A bespokely chosen cleanser will remove all pollutants and makeup. This will then be followed by an anti-ageing collagen mist to repair and hydrate, followed by exfoliation and an extensive anti-ageing lymphatic massage. Finally, a cell-regenerating mask will be applied, to instantly brighten the skin. Results are instant and facial courses are recommended for prolonged effects.

You’ll enjoy this facial if…

You suffer from tired, dull or lined skin – or you simply want to get your face looking and feeling fabulous again after summer. 

How to book

This lovely 60-minute facial costs just £100 (or £105 Friday to Sunday), and can be booked by calling 01225 823367 or emailing