Treatment of the Month: Thai Qi Flow Massage

March 2019

Our treatment of the month for March is brand new and highly enticing! Say hello to Thai Qi Flow…

This therapeutic, warming and invigorating massage integrates Thai herbal compresses along with hands-on massage, stretches and acupressure techniques to help balance the body and mind. Thai Qi Flow Massage will help to energise your body’s flow of energy, aid in the release of tight muscles, and promote well-being. And at the end of your treatment, you can take your steam herb pouches home with you and enjoy with a bath!

The benefits of Thai Qi Flow Massage

Thai Qi Flow Massage is well known for its relaxing effect on stiff or tired muscles. The treatment incorporates three key elements: deep stretching, steam pouches, and massage with Elemental Herbology body oil. The coconut and sesame herbal pouches provide anti-inflammatory benefits, and the heat they emit works to soften and soothe the muscles and boost circulation.

You’ll enjoy this massage if…

Thai Qi Flow massage is perfect for you if you’re looking for a deeper massage, particularly if you’re experiencing some muscle stiffness and tightness. Our Spa Manager Anette recommends a course of six for those suffering from recurrent issues with muscle tightness.

How to book

This lovely and unusual treatment costs £110 (Fri – Sun) or £100 (Mon – Thurs), and can be booked by calling 01225 823333 or emailing