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The Grand ‘Not so Old’ Duke of York

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The Grand Old Duke of York, He had ten thousand men, He marched them up to the top of the hill, And he marched them down again…

What could be more grand, inviting and generally magnificent than a large comfy suite set in Baths most iconic building, furnished in sumptuous satins and cosy Egyptian cottons?

Many guests often comment that The Duke of York suite offers exactly this;- a true escape from reality and a haven in which to ponder away rainy winter afternoons or relax in after a long shopping spree in the city whilst enjoying a delicious Nespresso coffee made freshly by yourself with the in room machine.

Like many of the other suites at the hotel The Duke of York Suite holds a fascinating history, among the most famous residents of this suite was Prince Frederick, Duke of York, favourite son of King George III. Frederick visited Bath in 1795, when he attended the opening of the baths’ new Pump Room and received the Freedom of the City.

The city, and no doubt the bestowal of that rare honour, so pleased the Duke and Duchess that they returned the following year to buy the Crescent’s so-called ‘centre house’, apparently for £5,000, an enormous sum at the time.

The extravagant Frederick not only lavished fortunes on property but was also a profligate gambler whom Bath might have ruined, as it did so many others; in fact the city, where he stayed at length, appears to have had a moderating effect. Hannah More, distinguished writer and philanthropist, wrote approvingly of the royal arrivals as ‘almost inhabitants, and very sober and proper their behaviour’. While Frederick’s two closest brothers were both destined to reign, as George IV and William IV, the Duke of York’s only lasting memorial was to be as the sorry subject of a nursery rhyme: You can even enjoy reminiscing your childhood days by singing this nostalgic nursery rhyme as you march the sweeping staircase up to the Grand ‘Not So Old’ Duke of York Suite!